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Cartoonist doesn’t understand #MeToo


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I guess Eddie Macias, the cartoonist who produced the editorial cartoon printed on Oct. 27, doesn’t know or understand the discussion taking place on Twitter under the hashtag #MeToo. At least, I hope he is ignorant, and not insulting the millions of people who are using that hashtag to tell their stories of sexual assault and abuse.

Ignorance of #MeToo would be a much better excuse for that horrid cartoon than telling millions of women that the abuse they suffered was their own fault for wearing things like sexy Halloween costumes. Sexual abuse is not the victim’s fault! Some of those sharing #MeToo stories are, in fact, men.

Yes, men suffer sexual abuse, too. Is it because of their sexy Halloween attire? No one has ever suggested that. To victims, I would say, “It doesn’t matter what you wear or whether you behave flirtatiously, are drunk or anything else you did. Sexual assault or abuse is the result of another person’s stupidity, ignorance, perversion or need to exert power over others. It is not your fault!” #MeToo

Flo Wells

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