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Wheelchaired man shoots former co-worker


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Police believe shooter disposed firearm shortly after

A simple “hello” was met with a gunshot Sunday evening.


Police say a man leaving a cookout party at the 600 block of South Michigan Avenue was allegedly shot in the hip by a former associate while on his way to his car with his wife.

The victim, who had previously worked with 35-year-old Adam Linares on a roofing job, said he approached his former co-worker to greet him. The victim said Linares was silent after he shot him.

According to a criminal complaint in Chaves County Magistrate Court, the victim saw Linares coming down South Michigan in his wheelchair while the victim and his wife were walking toward their vehicle.

The victim told the Roswell Police Department that he saw Linares pull a handgun from his lap.

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Police were dispatched to the incident around 6:32 p.m. Sunday.

Detective Joseph Mason of the RPD said he observed a bullet wound on the left hip of the victim.

The victim was later taken by ambulance to Eastern New Mexico Medical Center for treatment.

Detective Mason later met with Dr. Thomas Wulf of the Eastern New Mexico Medical Center Sunday, where he learned that the projectile had not yet been removed.

The victim’s wife told Mason while she did not hear any words being exchanged at the time of the shooting, she did see the man in the wheelchair pull a gun out, as well as a flash of light from the firearm.

The detective also spoke with the friend hosting the cookout. He told police he heard a pop, and then the scream, “Oh my God, he’s been shot” from the victim’s wife.

The witness said he saw a man in a wheelchair with a shaved head wearing a Raiders shirt and beige pants. After the shooting, Linares went back into his home.

Police said Linares went into his residence after the shooting and refused orders to exit.

Authorities believe that Linares either disposed of the firearm or was aided by someone in doing so.

After a warrant was issued at the residence, an extensive search was conducted within the residence. According to the complaint, officers were unable to locate the weapon.

Outside, police said investigators observed a pair of pants, a wallet and what appeared to be blood along the 600 block of South Michigan. A .380 shell casing was also found in the middle of the avenue, which was in close proximity to the area where the shooting occurred.

The detective also spoke with a woman that had been living with Linares. According to police, she stated that nothing happened and that Linares was home all day.

Detective Mason also reached out to officer Scott Wrenn of the RPD.

“I could not see the person on the front porch very clearly, but I could tell it was a subject in a wheelchair,” Wrenn said. “I moved around to the north and took up a position behind my unit, directly in front of the house, to get a better view.”

Wrenn said officers were telling Linares to come toward them at the front of his house, but that he was not complying.

“He was argumentative — telling us to come and get him,” Wrenn said. “After a few minutes of commands, he finally wheeled himself to the front of the property down the driveway.

“He did not follow our orders when we told him to come out into the street. He turned to the south and drove down the sidewalk. I ran around my unit and contacted him on the sidewalk near the edge of his property.”

Wrenn said Linares was placed into handcuffs and successfully detained without incident.

The Daily Record reached out to the shooting victim Monday evening. While the couple did not want to comment on the shooting, the victim’s wife did advise that her husband has since left the hospital and is doing OK.

Linares is charged with evading or obstructing an officer, a misdemeanor, aggravated battery, a third-degree felony and tampering with evidence, a fourth-degree felony.

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