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Police say suspect ‘choked’ family member
Suspect: ‘I’m not that hostile person’

A local psychiatrist and owner of a medical clinic is facing criminal charges after an investigation of a domestic incident at his home late last month.

Dr. Steven Black, 55, has been charged with battery against a household member and false imprisonment after police say he assaulted a family member early Oct. 28. Black, CEO and owner of Pangea Medical clinic, and also owner of the recently closed Galactic Sushi, is scheduled to have his preliminary hearing on Nov. 29 before Judge K. C. Rodgers.

According to his criminal complaint filed in Chaves County Magistrate Court, Black told investigators the marks on his significant other’s neck were a result of sexual relations — not from an assault. Police were dispatched at about 12:30 a.m. on Oct. 28 to a woman’s apartment in reference to an incident that occurred at Black’s home at the 2600 block of Gaye Drive.

The victim told police Black had become upset after he came home from work around 6:30 p.m. on Oct 27, a Friday evening, to discover their housekeeper was still at their home.

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“(The victim) stated that she and Steven had been having issues lately,” according to a criminal complaint filed by a Roswell Police officer. “(The victim) stated that Steven was telling her that he wanted to arrive home and spend time with his kids alone.”

The victim told police that the arguments continued throughout the night and that she later became afraid. The woman knew she needed to leave the house after Black allegedly spouted profane language toward her.

She added that Black grabbed her by the neck and choked her while she was looking for her car keys.

“(The victim) stated that she was afraid and began screaming so someone could hear her,” the complaint read.

The victim said she stayed at the house, but Black grabbed her by the throat and choked her again.

“(The victim) advised that Steven had grabbed her in a way that she could not breathe momentarily,” the complaint read. “(The victim) stated that while Steven had her throat, Steven pushed her on the bed.”

The victim told police she did not want to summon law enforcement to her home out of fear that police presence would further “irritate” Black.

She said she concocted an excuse as a means to escape her home.

“(The victim) stated that she had convinced Steven to order sushi, that way when (the victim’s friend) arrived at the residence, he would not be surprised someone was ringing the doorbell,” the complaint stated.

The victim’s friend told police that when Black noticed someone else had entered his home, he became visibly upset.

Black would later not allow anyone to leave the home, according to the victim’s friend.

The victim said Black had used his bare hands to choke her and that he would not allow her to leave the bedroom for an hour and a half after he had thrown her on the bed.

The victim told police that she kicked Black in the stomach while he was choking her on the bed.

Police observed multiple marks on the right side of the victim’s neck that appeared consistent with someone grabbing her. In addition, authorities observed a mark on the left side of her neck.

The victim said she did not lose consciousness, although there was a certain point where she was unable to breathe.

Police photographed the injuries on the victim’s neck.

Police said Black was interviewed later that night at his home and was asked what had happened.

Black said he had had an argument with the victim, and that she was “being mean to him.”

“Steven stated that (the victim) was calling him lazy,” the complaint said. “Steven stated that it may have gotten loud, but that was it. Steven was asked if it was physical at all, and he had advised that (the victim) bumped into him.”

Police asked Black if he had prevented the victim from leaving, but Black said he did not prevent her from leaving her home in any way.

Police said they did not observe any marks indicating that Black had been injured. Police asked Black about the marks on the victim’s neck.

“Steven stated that he and (the victim) had sex the other day, and that the marks were from that,” the complaint read. “Steven stated that the marks might have been from him pushing her away also.”

“Steven again said that he did not kidnap (the victim), and that he did not want to go to jail.”

The Daily Record was contacted by multiple sources in reference to the battery and false imprisonment charges.

The newspaper was later contacted Monday by Black, who describes the reports taken by police as inaccurate.

“I do have the right story for you that is the true story,” Black said. “I can’t help what comes out (today), but there’s no way we’re going to help that.

“But, I just want you to know that I’m not that hostile person — I’m not that hostile person that was in that report.”

Black said he has been a psychiatrist at Pangea Medical since 2011.

Black, at his desk, looked to his computer, which had a screen displaying two young, smiling children.

“I have two brand-new baby girls that me and my wife have, and that I love very much,” Black said. “Their future is linked to my success or not success. — it’s concerning.”

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