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Regarding Excel’s latest rate hike


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Like the geyser Old Faithful, once again Excel Energy is requesting a 10 percent rate hike. If I recall correctly, there was a 25 percent rate increase request last year, and about a 10 percent rate hike the year before. Shark rates are timid in comparison to these outrageous rate hikes.

And to justify their rate increase request, we are being told that rates in Roswell are lower than in other cities in New Mexico. I guess I should be grateful and thankful, but I am not.

Excel is supposedly using the rate increases to meet the demands of its customers and regulators by modernizing infrastructure, improving system reliability and reducing environmental pollution vault.com. These are admirable goals, but at what cost to us, its customers.

I want Excel Energy to take a long break from any more rate hikes. I want to see my electric bill reduced due to all of these improvements to its various operating systems. And I want the New Mexico Public Regulation Commission to say no to this latest rate increase request.

Shulamit Rymberg

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