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As Veterans Day approaches people speak out


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The Daily Record asked people on the street if they feel that the state of New Mexico treats its veterans well.

Petra Chavez
“I see so many veterans that are hurt and don’t have a job, and they should. They fought for us. They deserve everything free. If they were out there fighting for our freedoms, and they don’t have nothing. That’s just not right.”


Jim Britton
“I think it’s deplorable. I don’t think they do as much as they could. It’s better than it used to be, but it’s still not good.”


Mary Irvin
“I think they do take good care of veterans.”


Jim Gill
“I don’t think they do take care of their veterans. It’s not just us.”


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David Harris
“I don’t think they do near enough. My father is a veteran and he has gotten a little bit of services recently. He’s been retired for quite some time. He needs a lot of medical care locally, they’ve just barely started giving him any of that. He used to have to travel quite a bit. What with mobility problems he can’t travel around so much. Without me around he wouldn’t have any help.”

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