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Dems see through prism of bigotry


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Few Democrats hope Trump succeeds. Most are crybabies and sore losers who want to overturn his election because he’ll undo their progressive paradise.

Our economy is growing at an average clip (3 percent) because he’s cut regulations; growth under Obama’s rule was anemic (1.5 percent). The stock market is soaring and store closures and jobs leaving the country have slowed since President Trump took office on the hope he’ll cut taxes to raise wages and create good-paying jobs. Democrats flattened salaries, shrunk the middle class and lessened people’s chances to pursue the American dream.

An Islamist on a diversity lottery visa murdered foreigners and Americans. The president wants to end the program, Democrats don’t. Democrats won’t pass the Legal Workforce and Raise acts to fix our immigration system and end illegal immigration. They’d rather harbor criminal aliens than legalize Dreamers.

Democrats in black robes usurp the president’s authority to protect us. They say his Muslim ban is unconstitutional because it bars people from coming here based on their religion. What’s true is Democrats are close-minded bullies unqualified to hold any office because they’re contemptuous of opinions other than their own. If they say a man may put on his swimming suit in the women’s dressing room because he feels girlish, that’s their gospel. They believe they’re enlightened, but they’re elitist snobs who’ll wail and gnash their teeth when abortions and homosexual marriages are abolished.

I witnessed a Navajo displaying jewelry on the tailgate of his pickup refuse to sell to a white woman because she was too white. Bigotry is always wrong, and most of us have experienced it, but we’re not a racist nation. If someone takes a knee when the anthem is played, they disrespect our flag and those who sacrificed defending it. I’d like to amend the Constitution to prohibit such protests.

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Democrats see through a prism of bigotry. They call those they disagree with bigots, and it’s wrongly used by pseudo victims of discrimination. When football players take a knee, they slander police as racists, and when the news media fails to say the officer justly killed a thug who attacked him, they perpetuate the lie because they’re the lapdogs of the Democratic Party.

Democrats sow hate and division, and their cancerous notions must be removed so we can earn back the blessings of God’s liberty.

Respectfully, your knuckle-dragging, Bible-banging, flag-waving neighbor.

Ralph Rivera


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