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Questions remain about archery theft


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ARTESIA — It has been a few days since Kathy Kolt, president of the Eddy County Shooting Range Archery Division, informed area media of a major theft that was reported late last month at the range near Artesia.

Kolt said around 50 bows and more than 100 arrows were stolen from the range located on Funk Road.

“I have had a private individual offer his land which has fences and cameras and I have had a private individual offer to buy me some bows,” she said.

Kolt said she’s not going to replace everything that she lost and she said the theft has hurt disadvantaged kids in the Artesia area.

“The good news is they took the bows and arrows,” she said. “They didn’t get our 3-D targets, so we have targets still.”

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Kolt said once her organization regroups everything will probably be moved to private property. She said she hasn’t had a chance to visit with the kids yet, but added, “I’ve heard from people in the community and they’re mad.

“Again what I say this isn’t about theft, this is about drugs. … As long as we have a severe meth (and) drug problem, it’s not just my archery equipment, everybody is getting robbed.”

Kolt was asked how she was holding up.

“I was pretty devastated until I had someone say they would let me have some land and someone else (said) that they would give me some bows. If I could have at least a dozen bows, that would make me happy,” Kolt said.

She said bows don’t get hot like firearms, “I can pass bows from child to child.”

Kolt said everything is on hold right now.

“I’ve got mine,” she said of her bow. “We found what we needed the most was the smallest bows for your 6- to 10-year-olds. We need small bows.”

Kolt said people can contact her at 425-221-7700 or the Eddy County Sheriff’s Office if they have more information.

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