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We have a tradition at Bullock’s Jewelry. When a couple comes in who have been married for 50 years or more, we like to ask them a question.
What is the secret to marriage?
We’ve heard many great responses over the years. One of our favorites has been…
“Never let divorce be an option… murder on the other hand…”
Thankfully, no one got hurt!
It seems that the longer the couple has been married, the shorter their responses. The record for us so far is a couple married 75+ years. Their advice?
Simply, “Love.”
The news today is quick to tell us how our world is changing, and it’s rarely positive. One thing we’ve learned after 91 year of business, though: love hasn’t changed.
Whether you’re a millennial or a baby boomer or something in between, love is still the steady force that guides our life for the better. Many things have been disguised as love, but true love is still the miracle it always has been.
Love can’t be found in the physical things around us – not even diamonds. No, these are just ways for us to express our love.
Love is about patience and kindness. It doesn’t keep score, but it gets excited at what is right and good. It helps us bear through the tough times, it believes in hope, and it never fails.
Love is a choice we make to cherish one another, no matter the season.
You see, we at Bullock’s don’t believe we’re in the jewelry business. We believe our job is to help our customers create cherished moments with the people they love most. Diamonds and gold just happen to be one way of doing that.
Whichever way you want to express your love for someone, don’t miss your chance to do it.
We often give this piece of advice to anxious young guys who are about to pop the question: it’s all about the presentation. It doesn’t have to be extravagant; it just has to be full of love. Don’t just tell her you love her – show it to her.
On a personal note, we at Bullock’s are always looking for ways to show our love to you, the community of Southeastern New Mexico.
For over 90 years, you have trusted us with helping you cherish the most precious memories and moments in your lives. We’ve gotten to play a small role in your love stories for generations, and we could not be more grateful. We hope to have the opportunity to keep doing so for many years to come.
This Thanksgiving, make the choice to show your love to someone special in your life. You’ll be glad you did.

More information about Bullock’s Jewelry can be found on their website, www.BullocksJewelry.com, or by calling 575-622-7451.

Dixon at the original location, 1940s

Exclusive estates made available to the Roswell public

Items only available to public for one day

Bullock’s Jewelry will be hosting an exclusive sale of unique estate items from around the country for one day this month.
The sale will feature items not typically seen at prices well below what they would typically sell for.
“This is our first time to host a public event like this. It is amazing what incredible items we will be able to pass on to our customers right before the Christmas season kicks off,” says Don Bullock, owner of Bullock’s Jewelry.
Items will be brought in from estates as well as a collections from around the country and will be made public. Loose diamonds, rings, necklaces, bracelets and earrings are all included on the list of available items.
Bullock says most of the items being brought in will be 25% to 40% below retail prices.
“These items will be shown during the week to our very best customers as part of an invite-only event. We’ll then open up the remaining items to the public that Saturday,” Bullock explains.
The items will be available to the public on Saturday, November 18 from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Those interested in viewing the items can do so by visiting Bullock’s Jewelry at 215 N. Main St., Roswell the day of the sale.
Bullock also declares that those who mention this article will receive a specially selected gift.
“We’re excited to give the community something so unique and special and we want to express our gratitude for the many years of support it has shown us,” Bullock notes. “There are items at almost every price. We hope everyone can find something they love here.”
More information can be also found on the business’ Facebook page.

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