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Free streaming music and downloads


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The Roswell Public Library offers free music streaming and downloads through the online service Freegal. You just need your library card to set up an account and you’ll be able to enjoy five hours of streaming music a day and three mp3 downloads each week — that are yours to keep!

Freegal offers access to 13 million songs and 40,000 music videos from Kenny Chesney to Usher to Bob Dylan. You can go to roswellnm.freegalmusic.com or access it through the “catalog” link on our website. For more information, you can contact the library by calling 575-622-7101, visiting us at 301 N. Pennsylvania Ave. or the library’s website at roswell-nm.gov.

Book Talk by Tomás González
Children’s Librarian

Time travel has always been a favorite subject of science-fiction books. The thought of traveling back in time to witness certain events or change the timeline of history is a fantasy that almost anybody wishes they had. Alfredo Veá Jr. explores this ability to time travel and change history in his book, “The Mexican Flyboy.”

The story’s main character is Simon Vegas, who appears at a California vineyard as a young abandoned boy. The workers at the vineyard have no idea where he came from and Simon offers no explanation to his appearance either. The workers find the boy to be obsessed with gears and other trinkets associated with clocks. Having lived a troubled childhood, it comes to be that these troubles continue with him through his adult life as well.

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The story then jumps to Simon’s adult life. Simon is a Vietnam veteran and suffering from PTSD. It is there in Vietnam where he comes into the possession of a machine with magical powers. He finds that this machine is an ancient invention that has passed through various hands throughout the ages until it ends up with Simon.

As time progresses, and with the help of his friend, Hephaestus Segundo, they soon perfect the ability to time travel. Their mission in time traveling is not to seek fortunes for themselves, but to right the wrongs of people who met unjust deaths. Here the reader is taken back in time to save the lives of historical figures such as Vincent Van Gogh, Ernest Hemingway, Joan of Arc, Amadou Diallo and others, both famous and ordinary, that Simon believes to have died too soon or unjustly.

Going back in time, he intervenes in the moment right before their deaths and transports them to a safe haven for them to live out the rest of their natural lives. In reality, this safe haven is nothing more than a gated retirement community in Florida whose citizens comprise all of the people who Simon has sought to bring justice to their lives.

While seeking to rewrite history, Simon has problems of his own that he puts to the side while saving these people. Simon is married to Elena, a woman who knows very little about Simon’s past because he refuses to share it with her. Elena is puzzled by Simon and feels neglected in that she can’t crack through the wall that Simon has built between them.

Elena is also pregnant and the question of what is more important comes to the forefront of Simon’s life. Is his wife and coming child’s well-being what his life goal should be or is his mission to change not only his haunted past, but the past of others more important than his family?

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