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Thanks for printing uplifting local stories


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Thank you for printing uplifting stories about people in and around Roswell. It’s so good to know someone cares.

I’ve known several special needs children. They are special. I had a boy in Cub Scouts who couldn’t do some of the things that the others could. The other boys would figure out how he could participate. Then we did it.

In baseball he would hit the ball or get walked. Then his designated runner would run the bases. In the pushmobile derby, he was the driver and the rest were pushers.

He was a bright and cheerful young man. The other boys enjoyed helping him earn his awards. I’d enjoy seeing more of what today’s boys are doing in scouting. Some of my most rewarding experiences I had were during my 25 years as a scout leader.

We all need to take time to be thankful for what is good about us. Bad news travels fast, but there’s good in there, too.

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Someone cares — pass it on — yes us (you and I).

Louise Ratigan

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