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Homeless are people, too, just like you


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I would like to say that the homeless, as we are called, are people, too.

Whoever the idiot is that thinks homeless people should be separated from the rest of the people — on the so-called language barrier and way of life we had to learn to live and survive — are racist. I think that the ones who said this should spend some time living the way we have to, not no day or two, but really live like us.

And also, who made the rules of what homeless people are? We are people. We come in all sizes, shapes, color-challenged and non-challenged, disabled, non-disabled; and yes some of us do have shady backgrounds. That is part of the hand we were dealt. We do have an education. We are not ignorant. We have many skills. We usually, at a glance of something broken, can fix it in ways you would not think possible, use other stuff to fix it. We have learned to utilize what we have. It’s not our fault we have been dealt this hand, but we know how to use it.

I think you need to go to homeless school 101: acknowledgement of the homeless. We are people, too. We live, breathe, eat, sleep, urinate and defecate, just as anyone else. Rationalization is not the American way. I thought Martin Luther King Jr. taught us this: We all bleed red.

Thank you for your time and patience for reading and acknowledging that we are people, too, just like you.

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Lydia Lucero-Briggs

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