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Claims about Judge Roy Moore could be wrong


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Several GOP leaders have called for Judge Roy Moore to step down. Some have advised him if the allegations are true, he should step aside. The GOP National Committee has withdrawn campaign funding assistance from supporting Roy Moore.

The claims are made by alleged victims’ word. The denials are the alleged perpetrator’s word, and he has issued a letter addressing the matter. Why believe one over the other? Since when does an accusation indicate a certainty of guilt?

Probably all of us have regrettable acts in our past. An investigation into the past of all of our senators and representatives revealing those acts would likely disqualify them all for service in their offices. What about acts committed by someone before they are born again? Remember what Jesus said about those who are sinless throwing the first stone.

How long does one need to live a clean life for the blemish of the past to be irrelevant? I for one think 38 years is more than enough.

Another factor not mentioned yet is the girl’s role in the matter. A young girl can dress, make up and act older and give the impression a relationship with a man is quite normal. The witnesses who can corroborate the alleged events also should be able to comment on the girl’s behavior.

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Yet another possible factor is that the women were paid to make the accusations to assure the opponent’s victory. If Moore loses the election and that information is discovered afterward, an even worse situation would be created.

The jury of public opinion without good information can very well be wrong.

Dick Bartlett

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