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Reader appalled with homeless drama


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I’ve been watching the ongoing drama about the homeless here in Roswell and I am appalled!

Three times a good location for a temporary site for a homeless camp was proposed and three times it was voted down. Apparently, the “good people” of our city don’t want the homeless anywhere.

I’m sure these are the same people who tout “family values” as well, and consider themselves good Christians. This is the most un-Christian attitude I’ve ever seen.

And shame on Roswell’s churches. Why has there been silence from the “good Christian” churches of our city? Are they any more willing to take care of our less fortunate than the rest of the city?

The thing that disgusts, appalls and infuriates me most about this situation is there are 79 (at last count) children out in freezing weather! I wonder if those who got the proposals voted down would feel the same way if these were members of their own families? I say the homeless are members of our families — the family of Roswell citizens.

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Shame on all of you!

Lee Sides

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