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Homeless locked down like Jews


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I would like to add a little more about being locked down in the supposed way the officials want to do with the homeless, or shall we call ourselves Jewish? The officials (are) Stalin and Hitler and we will call this the Holocaust II, and the homeless, Jews.

Why not tell the truth? You want to put us in camps just like what happened with the Jewish people. Acknowledgment of the homeless and anyone the high officials may deem a lesser group of individuals. We are people, too.

So what’s next, putting number tattoos on us and separation of families, and putting us in buildings, locking us up and euthanizing or poisoning us because we don’t meet the officials’ so-called standards? Well, who made them Yahweh/God?

And also, did you ever think about us being claustrophobic, or something else medically wrong that we can’t be locked down? But of course not, because we are homeless or some sort of lesser kind of people who deal with the hand that we were/are given. I am one such person who is claustrophobic; Elwood is another. There are quite a few of us. They’re locking up people. Putting time limits makes things worse for all. Sincerely, “Lydibird,” one of the homeless who is a people/person Thank you. God bless everyone.

Lydia Lucero-Briggs

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