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Watching news is like poker tourney


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Watching the news lately is like watching a national poker tournament consisting of three teams.

There are the Hollywood elites, the Democrats and the Republicans. It could be called the National Harassment Event (some college and professional athletes contemplated entering a team but opted out due to the lack of a support group).

The first hand had the Hollywood elites having their top officials being exposed for sexual harassment and all their cronies expressing disingenuous outrage and shock, they claim they never would have suspected.

This forced them out of the game even though they had substantial financial support, they were relegated to the sidelines. The Democrats and the Republicans were then left to play amongst themselves.

The Democrats led off by playing their Roy Moore card backed up by 30-year-old accusations. The Republicans then matched this move by playing their Al Franken card backed up by photos. The Republicans then raised the Democrats by one by playing their John Conyers card backed by financial coverup.

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We don’t know how this will end as both parties are financially supported by the congressional hush fund so the game may be continued. While we may make jest of all this, it’s a serious issue that so many people in powerful positions in America have such degenerated moral values.

William Dawe

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