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Firearm’s instructor suggests researching gun safety devices

Firearms instructor Eve Flanigan shows the trigger guard of a handgun. (Photo Courtesy of BHB)

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ARTESIA — If you’re looking to buy firearm safety devices for Christmas, an Eddy County shooting instructor is asking you to remember the old adage, “let the buyer beware.”

“A couple of people have asked about a gun storage device that’s being advertised and whether it’s safe,” said Eve Flanigan. “It’s a simple magnet.”

Flanigan is a certified shooting instructor and in addition to teaching the finer points of a firearm, she also does some writing for various gun industry publications.

When it comes to the magnet, Flanigan said there are three ways to identify if it is safe.

“Can anything get inside the trigger guard?” That’s the first question Flanigan said buyers should ask.

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The second question according to Flanigan, “does it keep the firearm in place in case of an accident?”

The final question Flanigan said people should ask if someone makes a sudden stop, “do I think the thing is going to stay on there?”

“The degree of safety depends on the lifestyle of the person carrying it,” Flanigan said.

Flanigan added there’s a lot of unsafe firearms products that are being targeted for women during this Christmas season.

She said some of those products emphasize, “pretty before being safe.”

She cites one trigger guard that is a long lacy strap. “It is nothing but lace,” she said.

There have been some instances according to Flanigan where the firearm has actually fallen out of the strap.

“Get something simple to operate and that is reliable,” she said.

Before buying a firearm and all of the accessories that go with it, Flanigan suggested people reach out to a firearms instructor like herself and maybe test things out before making a purchase.

Flangian offered a final piece of advice, “go for function and effectiveness over appearance or simplicity.”