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Bad food not new at RISD


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In regards to your “RISD releases statement …” front-page article on Thursday, Dec. 7, 2017, I feel the need to speak out on the matter.

I taught elementary school for almost 10 years with the RISD and through those years, I discovered that most of the food that was served was dumped into the swill buckets to be sold to the pig farmers. Although the food met the USDA’s guidelines, they only barely met those guidelines.

There was also a time around 1984 when I tried to get the students a choice between white milk, chocolate milk and orange juice. It would not be done because it would be consumed by the students, instead of being dumped into the swill buckets. They did start offering chocolate milk as an alternative on each Wednesday of the week, but that didn’t last long.

I had even received complaints from my students that they were on occasion given sour milk. It turned out that unopened milk cartons were turned back in — after sitting on the table for 40 or more minutes to be distributed with the next day’s lunches.

As a taxpayer, I was appalled at the poor quality of the food that the children of the RISD are served.

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I believe that the Facebook photo from the parent with the hot dog and the bun is more accurate than the one provided by RISD. It is not the fault of the servers, it is the administration that is at fault. The principals are fed the propaganda that each school actually benefits monetarily from the swill sale, but that is bunk.

We, the taxpayers, keep paying higher and higher school taxes only to benefit the administration-heavy RISD, as alleged by an interim superintendent of RISD to the teachers on their first in-service day of the year by the state school board in the mid-1980s.

George A. Lee


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