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Hotdog photo appears to be fake


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In response to those who complained about RISD food service, I wonder if they are aware that the person in charge of RISD food service is responsible for having 38,000 meals served every day school is in session, at 36 locations in three school districts.

This same person is requested several times each year to teach seminars for USDA to school food service supervisors and employees at various locations all over the U.S. He has received national recognition for providing wholesome, nutritious meals, and has been doing it for over 25 years.

Sure there are times where breakdowns and human error interfere with the normal flow of some dietary items to every school, but no child has ever gone without nutritious and adequate food except by their own choice.

This, in spite of increasing restrictions and guidelines imposed by federal bureaucrats, which in many cases interfered with providing appealing meals.

RISD students and faculty have access to food service which is far above the norm across the state and nation.

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I have written this in an effort to enlighten — not to criticize or contradict anyone.

P.S. The picture of the hotdog appears, to me, to be a fake.

Carl Gerken


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