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Donnell Hunter story was well-researched


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My, perhaps anecdotal, view is that the majority of the letters to our community tribunal are criticisms of some policy or grievances of some other ilk. This is certainly understandable and in some cases can lead to reform or welcome change. In fact, this missive contains such a criticism.

However, I would prefer to sing the praises of our content writers who rarely are recognized in the Letters to the Editor I have read.

In particular, the recent piece by J.T. Keith, titled “The day Roswell stood still” jettisons us backward 43 years to a football Friday night in October 1974.

Keith’s well-researched and well-written effort details the tragic life-ending injury sustained by Goddard linebacker Donnell Hunter in a helmet-to-helmet, high-speed collision that resulted in the severance of the young competitor’s spine in the neck area. An archive photo retrieved by Keith captures the stunned and frozen countenances of Wool Bowl football fans on that fateful evening. He also describes a scene on the sideline where a Goddard assistant coach caught Donnell’s emotionally devastated mother as she fainted in shock over the severity of her beloved son’s injury.

In a poignant display of solidarity and support, 3,500 mourners attended Donnell’s funeral at the Wool Bowl where his casket was positioned at the 50-yard line where team leaders meet at the beginning of a game.

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Finally, Keith also wrote that two lawyers told Donnell’s family they would be in good position to sue the company (presumably the helmet maker) and the school. I am glad the family declined, thwarting the timeless conniving and opportunistic efforts of litigators to profit from tragedy.

Steven Young


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