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Roswell overcomes deficit

Roswell High School senior Logan Eaker goes for a layup against Carlsbad Thursday at the Coyote Den. (David Rocha Photo)

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Logan “Eraser” Eaker allows his team the Roswell Coyotes to gamble more when they go for steals when they press.

Eaker was challenged seven times in the first half at the rim by Carlsbad shooters. It was nothing more than a swat party as Eaker’s body language said, “get that shot out of here,” as he received high-fives from his teammates. Not only was he detouring traffic with his shot blocking ability, but on the offensive end of the floor, Eaker drop stepped his way to a game-high 26 points as the Coyotes won, 69-50, over the Carlsbad Cavemen at the Coyote Den Tuesday night.

Trouble loomed as Eaker’s picked up his second foul with three minutes left in the half. Big Victor Bolanos came off the bench and scored four points and grabbed two rebounds and allowed the Coyotes to come back and only go into halftime down 31-29.

“When we have guys, who can shoot the ball it opens things for the inside game,” Roswell coach Moses “Dude” Burrola said. “We saw something in the Hobbs game that we could use to get the ball to Eaker easier.”

It seems like the book on trying to beat Roswell is to slow the tempo, make them break the press and switch up zone defenses and hope that they are having a cold shooting night. That’s what the Cavemen tried to do.

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Tarren Burrola hit three 3-pointers in a row to break open a close game. On his first three, Burrola hit a corner three to tie the game up at 40-40 with 4:36 in the third quarter. The next time down Burrola hit a three on the left side of the court to give the Coyotes a 43-40 lead, and then in a span of seconds, he buried another three from the left side again and was fouled on the shot making the free throw to give the Coyotes a 47-40 with 3:11 in the third quarter.

Coach Burrola ended up getting a technical foul called on him, as Carlsbad hit a 3-point shot to close the score to 47-44. In a game where the Coyotes were challenged but not really their defense held the Cavemen to four-points for most of the quarter until they scored a 3-point shot with 10 seconds left in the game.

“We just have to improve our defense,” Burrola said. “We will shoot the ball OK, but our defense has to improve. We are still very young; they just have to learn to play some defense.”

Jasia Reese played his first game since breaking his nose. The Coyotes have won four games in a row after winning the St. Michael’s Capital City Tournament on Saturday for the second-year.

Eakers had 26 points. Burrola scored 17, with Reese, Taymen Burrola, and Dominic Nava, all had six points.

The Coyotes (6-2) will travel to Las Cruces on Friday to play Mayfield at 7 p.m.

Portales 76, Goddard 72

This was a game an instant classic in Goddard’s sports lore, except they came up short against the Portales Rams as they lost in overtime 76-72. Goddard had their chances, and some of their shooters will see free-throws in their sleep as they could not convert. Goddard had a shot to win the game in regulation, as they were up one point and was fouled by the Rams. Goddard had two free throws but missed as Portales made a basket to force the game into overtime.

The Rockets (4-5) did enough to get the game to overtime, but overtime at the free-throw line was no friend of theirs as they went 0-4.

“Missed opportunities hurt our chances of winning tonight,” Rocket coach Anthony Mestas said.

Goddard will travel to Chaparral for a game at 5:30 p.m. Friday.


Carlsbad 49, Roswell 24

Roswell might seem like they have trouble scoring the ball, and Tuesday night they did. However, the Lady Coyotes played harder than the score indicated as they held the Coyotes to 49 points.

Roswell’s undoing was a sluggish first half when they could only score 11 points. Carlsbad took control in the game and won, 49-24 Tuesday night at the Coyote Den.

“We have to find a way to put the ball in the basket,” Roswell coach Fernando Sanchez said. “I thought our shooting was horrendous today. I’m sure when the stats tomorrow, when they come, will tell us exactly what we thought.”

This is one of those games that coaches don’t even look at during the season, and every team will have them. What also hurt the Lady Coyotes was they shot 6-of-17 from the free-throw line, which would have made the game closer.

The Positives for Roswell is Kaitlyn is finding her shooting touch in this game from the tournament over the weekend. Doralynn Trujillo’s hustle is contagious, and the defense has improved during the season.

“This is a marathon, not a sprint,” Sanchez said. “Doralynn (Trujillo) is doing a good job. She is one of the most underrated players we have. She’s been a big surprise for us throughout the season.”

Roswell (2-5) returns to the hardwood against Mayfield at 5:30 p.m. on Friday.