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Slim pickings for city’s next mayor


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Time again to elect and seat a new mayor. The pickings are slim; much too slim.

In the hunt we have someone who was and shouldn’t have been and should not be again; and someone who is but shouldn’t have been and should not be again, someone who seems to have the moxie to run the city but may want to preach and sing to us more than lead us. I see no other viable candidates and can only offer one possibility and that is one who was and might do well again, Tom Jennings.

And while we are on the subject of city government, can someone tell me how on earth the city managers and the council that directs them managed to find money for and start to add a huge addition to the convention center without having a freaking clue who might run it? That need occurred to them apparently as an afterthought to the beginning of the construction.

Dan Gage


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