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On August 22, 2015, the bodies of (L to R) 19-year-old Damon B. Oswald, 25-year-old Shelly L. Bird and 31-year-old Mere Contreras were found at a house on the 300 block of East Reed Street. Officer Miguel A. Lopez of the Roswell Police Department responded to the call at about 7:56 a.m. On the way to the residence, Officer Lopez passed a shirtless Hispanic male riding a bicycle heading eastbound in the opposite direction about a block and a half from where the triple homicide took place.

“He was dark brown complexion (sic) with dark, brown hair or black hair. His hair was about 4 to 5 inches long,” Lopez reported. When he arrived at the address, the front door was wide open and one of the victims laid face-up in front of the entrance. Officer Lopez also added that there was bloody footprints leading down to the home’s basement.

Lopez then went after the bicyclist that passed him earlier, believing the man may have committed the triple homicide. After searching down several streets with no success, Lopez returned to the scene of the crime.

Melissa Romero

In a separate homicide, 22-year-old Melissa Romero died of gunshot wound(s) sustained from a drive-by shooting on April 15, 2006. This occurred at the exact same address as the triple homicide on the 300 block of East Reed Street. Melissa Romero was the sister-in-law to Mere Contreras’ sister.

While no arrests have been made in connection to the triple homicide committed in 2015, nor the murder of Melissa Romero in 2006, Chaves County Crime Stoppers is asking the public to contact them at 888-594-8477 or 575-624-6770 with any information related to the murders. You may collect up to a $1,000 reward and remain anonymous. “No piece of information is too small or insignificant to be considered. It could turn into the key that leads investigators to those responsible for this horrible crime,” states RPD’s public information officer Todd Wildermuth.

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All content in this bulletin was provided by Chaves County Crime Stoppers, which is solely responsible for the information provided about the cold cases herein.

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