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There was space for business news


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It hasn’t been that many days since I chided you for ignoring the fact that there are some folks out here who are interested in the business world.

Now we come up with a full-page notice about one person. This is not to denigrate the subject or his family. That is a horrible loss. I might remind you that on 6 June 1944, many thousands of equally fine young men lost their lives in one horrific battle.

Some points stick in my mind:

1. Mr. Naylor was not drafted; he volunteered, for whatever reason.

2. The name Naylor is familiar to me.

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3. I’m sure this was a paid advertisement. I am not one who doesn’t have feelings; I was a combat soldier, way back in WWII (Patton’s 3rd Army).

4. There was plenty of space in this (Dec. 13) issue for color pictures, feel-good stories, etc.

Couldn’t you have found room for a little business and financial news?

Thank you, again, for your attention.

James E. (Jim) Goss