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In awe of their new ‘Habitat’; A home built by hands and hearts

Sister and brother Jynesis, 3, and Josiah, 4, sit on the floor of what will be Josiah’s bedroom after the new year. The home was built by Habitat for Humanity, resold, and dedicated to the children’s mother, Jessica G., Thursday evening. (Trevier Gonzalez Photo)

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A home was built and ceremoniously dedicated at 5 p.m. Thursday by Habitat for Humanity to a Roswell mother and her family.

Josiah, 4, and Jynesis, 3, carry handmade quilts as they explore their new home which will be shared with their mother and siblings. The home was built by Habitat for Humanity and resold to the children’s mother, Jessica G. Thursday evening. (Trevier Gonzalez Photo)

The house was filled with children, family, members of the community, and volunteers of Habitat for Humanity.

Gifts that included quilts, a family bible, and a wreath were given to the family by local garden and quilt clubs.

To share her gratitude, mother Jessica G., who chose to keep her last name anonymous, created her own gifts for the volunteers.

After a lengthy selection process, Habitat for Humanity builds a home and then sells it to a selected family at a low cost without interest, which allows families to have a head start on homeownership.

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Around 15 houses have been built by Habitat for Humanity in Jessica’s neighborhood near South Beech Street.

Born and raised in Roswell, Jessica, 30, said this new home is everything to her and her family.

Jessica said she is an independent, by choice, a single mother of six children, ages ranging from two to 13.

Currently, Jessica is employed at a pharmacy to provide for her family. The mother said she is beyond excited to receive this home which she saw built from the ground up.

“There is so much more that is going to come from this,” Jessica said. “I have so many plans for this house — I can’t even name them.”

Jessica said the dedication to the home was beautiful.

“I wish more knew about Habitat for Humanity, its purpose, and be more involved in what they do,” Jessica said. “Everyone is out there trying to help the community — this is a way to do it.”

Jessica said it was inspiring for her to see the volunteers, older and younger than herself, working with her without complaint or pay.

“This home is everything — security, comfort,” Jessica said. “It is just amazing what the work of God. These people don’t have what everyone else has. I made them cups that said ‘Not the work of the hands, but the work of the heart.’ It’s just amazing.”

The family will move into the home at the beginning of January, Jessica said.

Nancy Moore, who is in charge of family support, for Habitat for Humanity, has been volunteering with the organization since 1999.

Moore said she is a former mathematics high school teacher and college professor from Carlsbad.

“When you hand a home over to someone who has never had their own home before, you feel good,” Moore said. “If you don’t, you must be dead inside — that’s what it is all about.”

Moore said there is a selection process for the families that are chosen.

Moore explained that the application process is lengthy,  complete with a background check, credit reports, and home visits are required to get to know the family.

Moore said that she was impressed with Jessica for being personable and a hard worker.

Once the family is chosen,  volunteers, subcontractors, and the family begin the building process.

“The family has to put in a certain amount of hours, Moore said. “They have to work on their house. It doesn’t just have to be the homeowner. It can be family, friends, church members — anyone they can round up. We build the house and then we hand it over — that is the best part.”

To be involved in future houses, Moore says, “Come and volunteer.”

“Everybody always asks, ‘Why do you build only one house per year?’ I’ll tell you why. We don’t have enough volunteers,” Moore said. “I would like to see at least two houses go up per year. Some people don’t have skills, but when I started I did not have the skills. I learned.

“That’s the biggest thing, that you learn. Come out and learn.”

Moore said people should focus more on the communities, in addition to their family and friends, during Christmas.

“We’ve got so many wonderful people in Roswell — we could do more,” Moore said. “We should do more than we do, but we’ve got many people who do take care of others.”

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