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Nuclear vs. renewable energy


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Larry, did you know, nuclear power has the lowest death rates per terawatt-hour of any form of mass energy production in history, including hydroelectric, solar and wind?

Harry, did you know, nuclear energy doesn’t emit greenhouse gases and the volume of waste is small and easily managed and can be recycled for more rounds of fuel until it’s all gone?

Jerry, did you know, no one died from the meltdowns at Three-Mile Island and Fukushima, and only 23 deaths at Chernobyl (Ref: Who would have thought)?

And Mary, did you know, that your baby boy’s father created the perfect world in a cosmos that has provided us with all the stored energy humanity will ever need on this earth? But Mary, did you also know there are people who don’t believe this and try to threaten the rest of us with fear mongering?

Folks, did you know Professor Mark Jacobson of Stanford University and his team have proposed a 100 percent Clean and Renewable Wind, Water and Sunlight (WWS) All-sector Energy Roadmaps for the 50 United States? Dr. Jacobson had managed to convince President Obama’s administration that the United States could survive without fossil and nuclear stored fuels.

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The 35-year roadmap of his proposal would entail manufacturing (or importing) and installing an interdependent energy network consisting of:

• 496,000 5-MW wind machines

• 18 billion square meters of PV panels

• 50,000-plus wind and solar farms

• 75 million residential rooftop systems

• 2.7 million Commercial rooftop systems

I hate to throw numbers at you, but I got all these figures from the recent publication, “The Myth of Powering the Nation with Renewable Energy” by Mike Conley and Tim Maloney, a couple of mathematicians.

Here’s a thought: Since wind and solar are weather-dependent, how can we depend on them if we can’t depend on the weather?

What would the nuclear alternative look like? The first thing I can say is that it will not be dependent on weather or location. Each Generation IV reactor would use stored fuel (and waste) and will be an independent power plant unto itself, each plant site will have two or more reactors for backup. They will be Molten Salt Reactors — always on, reliable, safe and provide clean energy for food, water, air and the comforts of life.

Nuclear is for life. There is no life without radiation.

Martin Kral

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