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Letter writer full of disinformation


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A 22 December letter writer “Tax Cuts Violate Constitution’s Intent” managed to cram a truly amazing amount of disinformation into fewer than 150 words, to the effect that Donald Trump hates the Constitution, should be doing a long stretch in prison, and so on, the usual litany of clueless drivel we can expect from the American Left.

In particular, the letter writer repeats the usual nonsense of how the new tax reform bill robs the poor to benefit the rich, never mind the indisputable fact that within hours of the bill’s passage, a number of corporations were arranging large employee bonuses and pay raises due to expected corporate tax relief effects, and creating new jobs.

Perhaps the letter writer would like to ask those employees to give back their bonuses and raises to show solidarity with the Left’s now truly pathological hatred of Trump, and perhaps he would prefer that people refuse to take those new jobs and line up for welfare instead.

Hide and watch, the new tax code is going to continue stimulating the free-market economy in ways leftists will never freely acknowledge as an accomplishment of the current administration.

Donald R. Burleson

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