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Thanks to state insurance superintendent


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Thank you RDR staff for printing the article titled “Insurance regulator seeks stop to surprise medical billing.”

Our Blue Cross Blue Shield paycheck premium deduction exceeds our ERB (educator retirement/pension plan) contribution, and we still get medical bills from unknown service providers months after rendering of service we thought was covered by insurance.

It almost appears to be a mass mail type of financial strategy where if, say 25 percent, pay these unexpected bills of doubtful authenticity, then medical industry profits even more. I have read that junk mail scofflaws do well if only 1 percent reply with a payment.

The truly deflating aspect of this to ponder the number of honest, hard-working citizens who get such a bill and pay out of a sense of ethics (erroneously assuming biller would never engage in deceptive practices) without verifying said bill is legitimate. The mere fact such a bill lands in one’s mailbox becomes a time hog and a big hassle.

Thanks to State Insurance Superintendent John Franchini for drafting legislation to put an end to these actions which appear to be a legal form of predation. Also, this is not a direct criticism of doctors, many of whom, are burdened by exorbitant medical school debt. I understand that they may be getting squeezed by the insurance companies too.

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Steven Young

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