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Tax cuts are irresponsible


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I don’t understand the objection H.B. Clemmons stated in this Sunday’s letter by my using “provide” rather than “promote” in a previous letter.

Why is it that legislators passing legislation to “promote” the general welfare of the people is not “providing” for the general welfare of the people? Actually, to “promote” the general welfare would mean working constantly to improve the general welfare of the people. In contrast, “providing” for the common defense would be providing only the necessary funding for the defense of our nation, not to support a military several orders of magnitude mightier than any other for the sole purpose of world dominance.

I so appreciate President Obama as an expert in Constitutional law. I fear our democracy will suffer under the current leader who neither understands nor respects the very document that has made us the greatest nation on Earth.

In reply to Donald R. Burleson’s letter published Sunday, I will freely acknowledge any improvements in our economy, should the Trump tax cuts prove in any way effective in creating jobs or improving wages for our middle class. All economic data will show that both the Reagan and Bush tax cuts weakened our middle class, produced massive deficits and debt, and gave us four recessions with the last being the Great Recession.

With our existing $600 billion deficit, our $20 trillion debt, and total $109.5 trillion unfunded liabilities it is incredibly irresponsible to even consider tax cuts of which some 80 percent go to the top 1 percent. On top of that, Trump is replacing a very capable Janet Yellen as chairperson of the Federal Reserve with an investment banker without a degree or background in economics. My heart hurts for the future of our nation.

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John Grogan


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