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How would writer feel about lost pecans?


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Karl Holmgren wrote a letter to the editor detailing his grievances with NMMI’s Duty-Honor-Achievement triplet along with his concern of a man who was ticketed on NMMI grounds for harvesting/salvaging pecans. Holmgren observed this “less-than-Christian-behavior” as he was driving down Main Street.

I don’t know if Mr. Holmgren has any pecan trees on his property, but I do ponder the extent of his cheerful and magnanimous spirit if he looked out his window one day observing individuals on his property salvaging pecans. I do understand that the pecans could be wasted sustenance if they remain on the ground too long and possibly rot.

Also, Karl somehow morally connects the ticketing to medieval laws of hunting where violators of said law could hang. The Nexus from a citation to the gallows is quite the leap, sir.

Steven Young


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