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NMMI needs to explain pecan policy


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A few days ago, I wrote you a letter highlighting how the axis of the NMMI, Duty-Honor-Achievement, did not appear to be taught in the context of a moral framework. I also gave an example of what appears to be the manifestation of the resulting indifference to morals: the policing of the pecans from the NMMI trees.

In an answer to this, Steven Young claims that I have a grievance with the Duty-Honor-Achievement triplet and implies that yours truly would respond similarly to NMMI in a similar situation. He does, however, not address the subject matter, i.e. the lack of moral context in the NMMI teachings. I would assume Mr. Young is reasonably gifted, and don’t think he does this out of neglect. It is simply a rhetorical trick: “Don’t mind what is happening over there; look what I am doing here!”

I actually did not express any concerns with the holy trinity of totalitarianism. Its limited implementation within the appropriate humanitarian bounds does not have to be detrimental. But without these bounds and given no moral focus the result will be self-serving people or institutions, yielding respect solely to entities in power.

By his answer, Mr. Young does, however, help prove my point. NMMI has not stepped up to the plate and defended their policy deficiencies, nor have they told us how they intend to remedy the situation. Instead, they allow a sacrificial lamb, an expendable, a staff member in private capacity to answer in their stead. The Duty is apparently the staff’s to the NMMI and not the other way around. Tell me what moral framework would yield this relationship?

Lastly, to answer Mr. Young’s question regarding my own pecans. Yes, we have both pecans and peaches. As we do not use them ourselves, we insist our neighbors pick as much as they like. As the NMMI is a somewhat larger entity than I, I would suggest an appropriate corresponding scaling of my neighborhood would be to the community at large in the NMMI case.

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Karl Holmgren

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