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Art Sandoval deserves re-election


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If Roswell is going to continue its current dash forward to once again being a city that we are proud of, and a city where both existing and newly relocated employers can grow and prosper, then we absolutely must convince our school-age youth that we need them to be the well-educated workforce that our employers require, and to be the future civic leaders that our city and county will need.

Art Sandoval is the ideal role model for our youth; born in Roswell, a graduate of RHS and ENMU Portales, a teacher and now the assistant principal at Mesa Middle School. Married 20 years, father of two girls, winning high school softball coach, and now he has just earned a master’s degree in education administration. Did I mention that he also has served four terms as a council member and that he is only 44 years old? True, his council attendance record has not always been the best, but his fellow council members know his positions on the issues and that he is not shirking his duties.

Art can and will relate to our youth not only now but in their future adult years. His opponents are both outstanding citizens who have made many contributions to our city and state, but they are of an older generation. What Roswell really needs today is a young, dynamic, and well-educated workforce who will be our neighbors, our future role models and future civic leaders. That is why Art Sandoval needs to be re-elected so that our youth can see that hard work and dedication has its rewards.

Larry Connolly

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