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Be alert for off-road vehicles


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During the Roswell City Council meeting last Thursday, Jan. 11, I was in the minority during the debate and vote on Ordinance 17-15, which allows recreational and utility off-road vehicles on Roswell city streets.

I sincerely believe that this is problematic for public safety and urge the driving public to be aware that these vehicles will be joining Roswell drivers on city streets on or about Jan. 19. (Five days after publication of the ordinance.) I encourage an extra measure of patience and courtesy as these “off-road” vehicles become a part of our city traffic.

For example, we need to be alert seeing these smaller, low-profile vehicles sitting beside you, especially for the driver in an SUV, pickup or other high-profile vehicle. Our recreational and utility off-road vehicle friends need to be extra careful also, realizing that the driving public is not used to seeing and recognizing off-road vehicles on city streets.

We all need to be extra careful because statistics show that these vehicles, which are designed and manufactured exclusively for off-road use, can become dangerous on paved city streets. Please be careful!

Steve Henderson
Roswell City Councilor

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