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No Democrat voted to cut your taxes


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Republicans could ruin an erotic dream, so it’s remarkable they passed the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act which allows most of you to keep more of what you earn. When you check your pay stubs in February, know this; No Democrat voted to cut your taxes or ever would, and 2 million workers from 130 businesses have already gotten bonuses from their bosses because of this legislation.

While tax cuts for individuals and families are modest, reducing corporate taxes from 35 to 20 percent is substantial. Like you, they’ll do what they want with their money, and some of it will be used to expand their businesses. Local businesses also get a tax break, and together corporations and small businesses will ignite our economic engine and create jobs in our communities.

By repealing Obamacare’s individual mandate, 13 million citizens won’t pay fines for refusing to buy insurance, and Alaska’s Arctic National Wildlife Refuge is now open for oil exploration. President Trump has also lifted drilling restrictions in coastal waters.

Tax-free distributions from 529 savings plans are not just for college anymore, but for educational expenses for elementary and secondary public, private and parochial schools. Democrats nixed including homeschoolers. Corporations can now bring $3 trillion home to invest here. Farmers and small business owners can now keep what’s theirs in their families when they die because they can exempt $10 million of their estate.

President Trump revived our anemic economy by cutting job-killing regulations, and now he’s getting our lazy neighbors back to work. He’s sending La Migra (ICE agents) to businesses that hire illegal immigrants and granting states permission to require Medicaid recipients to work for benefits. He can also quit granting waivers to states that don’t make childless, able-bodied food stamp recipients work, volunteer, or go to school 20 hours a week. He can do this without getting any Democrat’s permission.

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Democrats hate tax cuts because they believe they can take and spend your money better than you can. They think they can steal elections, too. It’s far-fetched to believe Trump colluded with Putin to get elected, but even if he did, it’s not a crime, but what’s clear is people in the FBI and Department of Justice may be guilty of wrongdoing. It’s time to end congressional hearings and impanel a grand jury of ordinary people to indict everyone whose treasonous conduct has undermined our democracy.

Respectfully, your knuckle-dragging, Bible-banging, flag-waving neighbor,

Ralph Rivera

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