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NMMI pecan picking was curious


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Blue is blue, apple is apple and theft is theft.

Using the same letters and stringing them together in the same order will give us the same word with the same meaning. I did not think that we would have to spell those principles out — nor that Ms. (Cynthia) Hansen would feel compelled to provide a 400-word essay to the effect. So, if we can consider that particular aspect of the English language sorted out, maybe we can take at least one step back toward the issue at hand.

Nobody has tried to redefine the word theft. The power to define theft rests with the owner of the property potentially subject to expropriation. In the case at hand, NMMI or in the case of my peach trees, me. In my case, my neighbors are not stealing my peaches as I let them pick them. In the case of NMMI, people are stealing the pecans as NMMI has historically rather let them rot than have the “riff-raff” scouring the edges of their property.

We can debate the reasons behind it, but today, Friday the 12th, NMMI cadets were out picking. Is this just a timely coincidence considering the current debate, or is it a case of shaming? We will never know. Any debate will just further muddy the waters around the original question, for which the pecan enforcement is just an example.

I will, however, let the lack of a moral framework used and taught by NMMI rest until the next obvious symptom exhibits, and will consider this “thread” closed from my side.

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Karl Holmgren

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