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GOP and Dems blame each other


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Democrats and Republicans are blaming each other for the government shutdown, and they’re both right.

The reason for this silly game lies in the Senate where 60 votes are needed to pass most legislation. Senate rules are arbitrary, unnecessary and the main reason little gets done. There are 300 House bills awaiting Senate action; pretty much how it’s always been.

President Trump ran for office because he sensed this frustration in the 60 million deplorables who elected him. Before the vote, he tweeted, “Now Democrats are needed if it is to pass in the Senate, but they want illegal immigration and weak borders. Shutdown coming?” After the shutdown, he said the nuclear option (less than 60 votes) is needed to pass any legislation. That’s how Neil Gorsuch was put on the Supreme Court.

Democrats play the “bipartisan game” — getting likeminded Republicans to give them what they want, which is unfettered immigration. Deplorables want the Senate to do away with the filibuster rule or work 24/7 until they act on all pending bills.

President Trump promised to jumpstart our economy to create jobs — accomplished. He was also elected to fix our broken immigration system and drain the swamp. By a big margin, Americans want to end chain migration and visa lottery, limit legal immigration, and end illegal immigration by mandating employers use e-verify. We’re also willing to legalize the status of Dreamers so they can stay in our country.

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Democrats use Dreamers as political pawns. Another game they play is “give and take” where they vote for something but don’t appropriate the money. Democrats voted to build a wall, so make them pay for it. As for Republicans, tell them to fix immigration and drain the swamp or be replaced.

A stopgap measure was passed keeping the government open until Feb. 8. This agreement says the fate of Dreamers will be considered — not guaranteed —next month. The president has already said he’ll not sign any Dreamer legislation without everything contained in this letter, minus e-verify, which beats having ICE raid businesses. It would also punish police, politicians and judges when citizens are harmed by illegal aliens they free from custody or protect from deportation.

If Democrats shut down government again, will you vote for them?

Respectfully your knuckle-dragging, Bible-banging, flag-waving neighbor.

Ralph Rivera

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