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System unfair to landlords


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Eviction process: Judge explains rules and regulations before the process begins. Both parties are called to bench.

Judge talks to the tenant — do you owe the money? — tenant responds, yes. Judge asks, what’s the reason for not paying rent. Tenant responds — paying mother’s medical bills. Judgement given to plaintiff — tenant given seven days to vacate. Tenant is not told he needs to make arrangements to pay what he owes. Landlord is not asked if they would like to respond. Does the landlord not have the right to speak?

My question is, some tenants are repeat offenders; they have been to court before. They turn around and do it to some other trusting landlord — especially private landlords. These tenants are extorting money, they know the system and use to their advantage till they are evicted. Why are the laws not more harsh? Landlords not only lose rent, they lose downtime from damages, cleaning, exterminating. Tenants do not take care of the unit. New Mexico laws are for tenants. Tenants can get free legal advice. What do landlords get? The system should be fair for everyone.

Marilyn Montano


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