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Jackie Baggerly (L) and Amy Dana work at the final inspection table where any shell fragments are removed by hand prior to packaging. Pecos Diamond Pecans’ services include custom retail, custom wholesale shelling, and custom cracking with fully processed and packaged orders.

Pecos Diamond Pecans, located in southern Artesia at 1109 W. Fairgrounds Rd, is a full service custom pecan shelling plant and retail store with 6,500 sq. ft. of plant and store space as well as a 165,000 pound capacity freezer.

Pecos Diamond Pecans’ services include:

  • Custom retail
  • Custom wholesale
  • Custom cracking
  • Fully processed and packaged orders

Each order begins with identification tags that are designated to that specific order throughout the entire process to insure the customer receives their own pecans back. Every order goes through Pecos Diamond’s sanitization area prior to the shelling process. After cracking, shelling and sizing the pecans, the shell fragment removal process begins. The pecans get to a high-tech sorting machine that removes shell fragments, discolored nuts, and foreign materials. The nuts then reach Pecos Diamond’s final inspection tables where any missed shell fragments are manually removed prior to packaging.

Pecos Diamond Pecans Store

Everything pecan is here!

Pecos Diamond Pecans retail store is located at the front of the processing plant on Fairgrounds Rd. They offer a wide variety of pecan products, including but not limited to: in-shell pecans, shelled pecan halves, and small pecan pieces for baking. Many flavored pecans are available as well: dark, white, and milk chocolate pecans, red and green chile pecans, honey toasted pecans, cinnamon pralines and frosted pralines. Pecan Honey Butter, pecan tarts Pistachios, trail mix, southwest salsas, pecan cookbooks, a variety of nut crackers and a selection of nut gatherers are also available. Pecos Diamond Pecans can even make pralines from your pecans as well.

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Cold storage space is available for rent

Pecos Diamond Pecans buys pecans and pays top dollar in amounts as small as a bucket full up to a truck load. Cold storage space is available for rent in Pecos Diamond Pecan’s large 165,000 pound capacity, walk-in freezer. Please call for more information.

Pecos Diamond Pecans take great pride in their fast, friendly & quality service.

Pecos Diamond Pecans
1109 W. Fairgrounds Rd, Artesia
Toll Free: 1-855-3-PECANS

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