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Lost cash makes quick return to grateful owner


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A woman who found some lost money earlier this week is an example of the good deeds done in Roswell on a regular basis.

A woman walked into the Roswell Police Department station Monday and explained that she had just found $300 in cash that had been left at an automated teller machine, according to a Roswell Police Department news release.

She wanted to turn the money in to RPD in hopes the owner would show up looking for it. There was no receipt or other information left with the money to identify to whom it belonged, the release indicated, but the woman reportedly said she had seen a man making a transaction at the ATM while she waited her turn and had also noticed the vehicle in which he left.

While the woman was still at the police station, a man called the dispatch center to say he had just accidentally left $300 on top of an ATM and found the money gone when he went back to the ATM to retrieve it, the release stated. An officer who was assisting the woman who had brought in the money was informed of the call and directed dispatch to have the man come to the station.

When the man arrived at the station, the woman recognized him as the man she had seen at the ATM and also recognized his vehicle, according to police. Based on her confirmation, the officer returned the money to the very grateful man.

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