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An apology letter to the community


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Dear Roswell Community and NMAA Affiliates,

I would like to take this opportunity to rectify a misjudgment on my part. In the Friday, Feb. 23  issue of the Roswell Daily Record, I made some disparaging remarks about the officials’ calls in our district tournament game against Lovington. These remarks should have never been made. I take full responsibility for the consequences that may come. My purpose is to let these gentlemen and our community know that I am remorseful for my actions, and I hope it did not cause them or anyone any turmoil in their personal lives.

In fact, I would like to say how much I appreciate all the men and women who take the time to officiate sports which benefit our youth. If it were not for your selfless contribution to our youth, we would not be able to have interscholastic activities. I would like to encourage anyone out there that is considering officiating in the future to please do so. We need you in our programs. You can rest assured that I will not be unprofessional toward you ever again.

I understand I am a role model and represent a program that has been established in my community as a beacon of excellence. I will do everything in my power, from this day forward, to uphold the integrity and character of the coaching profession, the Rowell High Athletic programs and the Roswell community. A coach should never blame the officials for a loss, just as I will never credit them for a win. From this day forward, my focus will be on the things I can control and the integrity of all facets of the game.

Lastly, I would like to speak directly to the three gentlemen that officiated that game. I ask for your forgiveness. Deep down, I know you are men of character and truly believe you officiate to make the game a positive learning environment for our children. Over the years, I have had the privilege of coaching many games where you have officiated, and I can say with 100 percent certainty that you do your best with every call. I know none of us are perfect, but as long as there is intent for a perfect outcome, we respect the outcome of the game. Again, please forgive my brief lapse of judgment, and I hope to prove to you in the future that you are truly appreciated.

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Thank you for your time.

Moses Burrola


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