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Area lifter set record during competition at Alton’s Power Block Gym


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NASA Powerlifting is an all-natural drug-free powerlifting organization.

NASA provides a place and a setting for lifters of all ages, male and female, to enjoy competitive lifting. Many area lifters came together for the New Mexico Powerlifting meet on Saturday the 24th hosted by Alton’s Power Block Gym. Director, Rich Peters, says “Alton has led the way in powerlifting in the Southeastern part of the state for over 20 years. NASA absolutely loves Alton’s Power Block Gym, the setting, and all our wonderful NM lifters. Their gym is a lifters dream.” The Guild Strength and Conditioning is starting lifters out at an early age. They brought out over 15 young lifters. Richard Ramirez and Crystal Aguilar do a fantastic job with their young lifters teaching technique and inspiring them to reach personal goals. Carlsbad brought a large team down as well as several lifters from many gyms across NM. S&S Pro fitness had several lifters compete as well.

There were several state records and National records set. Official results will be posted soon.

Next NASA meet is the “New Mexico Fall Classic”, Saturday, September 22nd at Alton’s Power Block Gym. We encourage all lifters in this area to come out and join in this great event.

Results from Saturday the 24th results:

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Local lifters results:

Name Place Power Curls Squat Bench Deadlift



Citilli Palma 1st 110 181 203

Yaretzi Palma 1st 55 88 132

Clara Hatch 1st 93 126 187

Vasanti Sosa 1st 55 93 132

Valaree Manzanares 1st 250

Matthew Castillo 1st 66 99 143

Sebastian Bills 1st 88 121 165

Ashton Marquez 1st 82 115 165

Andrew Smith 1st 126 187 236

Nicolas Baca 1st 88 126 220

Donovan Edwards 1st 77 110 176

Elijah Boyd 1st 104 115 170

Gabriel Sosa, Jr. 1st 22 55 66

Frankie Ryan Anaya 1st 71 66 181

Niam Cannon 1st 192 325

Juron Green 1st 198 154

Name Place Power Curls Squat Bench Deadlift



Marisol Torres 1st 264 132 330

Bianca Aguilar 1st 259 121 319

Debralynn Sosa 1st 242 115 319

Megan Fajardo 1st 231 132 308

Nicole VanHorn 1st 181 279

Rocio Melendez 1st Place 49.5 291.5 346.5

Name Place Power Curls Squat Bench Deadlift



Andrew Manzanares 1st 529.10

Fred Bennett 1st 154 303.13

Albert Hernandez 1st 418.87

Anthony Espinoza 1st 440.92

Izhai Hernandez 1st 264.55

Lester Peck 1st 166.35

Mark Mahone 1st 198 143 358 253 457

Adam Harper 1st 325 600

PJ Hernandez 1st 407 501

Billy Quiroz 1st 270 385

Marcus Harper 1st 485 330 742

Jim Coates 1st 396 264 501

Dakota Corbell 1st 308 264 402

Norwood Berry 1st 330 275 402

Edward Montoya 1st 407.85

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