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Immigration system needs fixing


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Four Senate immigration reform bills failed to pass.

None fixed what’s wrong, and the beauty in this ugly contest got the fewest votes. President Trump’s proposal would have granted citizenship to Dreamers and a million more illegal aliens. All he asked in return was to secure our borders and promises to end chain migration and the visa lottery in 15 to 20 years.

What’s plain is Democrats and like-minded Republicans don’t want to fix our broken immigration system. They’d keep our borders open and grant citizenship to every illegal who comes here. Even so, I’d give them another chance. The House of Representatives needs to pass the Securing America’s Future Act, so senators can, without amendment — they had their say — vote on it.

House Resolution 4670 allows Dreamers to renew their work permits every three years. It secures our borders and ends chain migration and the visa lottery. It has a guest worker program and requires businesses to verify their workers are legal immigrants or citizens. It deals with visa overstays and communities that circumvent immigration laws. It builds walls where walls are needed and lets us choose who comes here.

This is a reasonable solution to our immigration problem, but the radical base of the Democratic Party who credits Obama for our booming economy and wishes Trump and his supporters harm are neither rational nor honest. If they sincerely cared about Dreamers, they would have taken the president’s offer.

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Democrats never compromise. They define bipartisanship as how many Republicans can we get to give us what we want. Republicans have a choice; vote with them or get rid of the filibuster (Senate rule requiring 60 votes) and earn the respect of Americans.

If you’re a Republican who needs to get permission from Democrats to pass anything, we don’t need you. Cross the aisle and join Democrats if you’re more comfortable there because in nine months and every two years afterward, we’ll make the decision for you.

Respectfully your knuckle-dragging, Bible-banging, flag-waving neighbor.

Ralph Rivera

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