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Why do smaller schools outperform?


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It seems a four-year high school graduation goal is elusive in Roswell.

The statistics reported in the RDR recently are alternately shocking and amazing, especially following the misleading headline, “Statewide graduation rate up a bit.” Like most Roswell residents, I care much more about graduation rates here, not Albuquerque or Las Cruces, and our high schools are losing ground.

According to the Public Education Department, Goddard High crashed from a 77 percent graduation rate in 2016 to a 65.2 percent rate last year, and University High dipped from 34 percent to 32.6 percent. Roswell High gained slightly, from 68 percent to 68.6 percent. To see any loss of progress in this important demographic is disappointing, but Goddard’s abysmal performance is downright shocking, especially when compared to Dexter, Hagerman and Lake Arthur, all of which experienced impressive (and in the case of Hagerman, astounding) gains in students graduating over the same period. The Record did not make note of this disparity, even though it cries out for explanation.

Why are our small, rural schools outperforming the city? If these figures accurately reflect educational success, we need our RISD administrators to make a few fact-finding visits to our rural neighbors and discover how it’s done. If the reality is otherwise, please explain!

Sue Briney

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