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Another perspective on UFO phenomenon


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I would like to give my perspective on the Jan. 31 column by Alejandro Rojas.

He wrote about a poll inquiring about people’s beliefs concerning the UFO phenomenon. We first need to define terms. “UFO” stands for “unidentified flying object.” Flying objects that cannot immediately be identified most certainly exist. The real question is, “Do extra-terrestrial vehicles (ETV’s–a.k.a. ‘alien spacecraft’) exist?”

We should begin by looking to The Bible for answers.

In Genesis 1 and 2, it appears that God created all of space for the sake of earth. In Ephesians 2:2, Satan is called “the prince of the power of the air.”

Deuteronomy 18:21-22 tells us a prophet must always be right. If he predicts something that does not come to pass, he is a false prophet. In Deuteronomy 13:1-3, we learn that if a prophet encourages people to worship other gods, even if he correctly predicts something, he is not a prophet of The Lord.

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We can say then, that if we see someone who is not from the earth, that being is either an angel or a demon. If he tells you anything that contradicts The Bible, it is a demon, and you do not want to be there.

We needn’t fear that demonic being, however. We are promised in James 4:7 “… Resist the devil, and he will flee from you.” (All quotes are ESV.) In Acts 16:16-18 a slave girl had a spirit of divination (fortune telling). The Apostle Paul ordered the spirit, “I command you in the name of Jesus Christ to come out of her.” The spirit left the girl. Leviticus 20:27 forbids mediums. Deuteronomy 18:6 forbids fortune telling. We are to rely on The Lord alone.

Of all UFO’s sightings, some are earthly vehicles that have been misidentified. Some are natural phenomena. Some are the result of overactive imagination. Some may well be demonic activity. I would not want the job of deciding which are which.

My recommendations are not to get overly fascinated with the UFO phenomenon. Read your Bible regularly to see just what The Bible actually says. Pray for wisdom. If you actually encounter what may be demonic activity, order the being(s) to leave in the name of Jesus Christ. Absolutely do not accept an invitation to board an ETV.

Russell A. Scott


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