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Vote to keep roads open


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Attention aristocrats: Acres of land available.

Excellent county-funded improvements. Political connections required. Contact your Chaves County commissioner today. Perhaps the actual legal notice read slightly differently, but the call seems to have been answered either way. Alas, the annual spectacle of the Chaves County infrastructure donation program has begun again in earnest. Once again, it appears that we are set to observe another deplorable rendition of what governing in our county has devolved to.

Exceedingly idealistic as it may be, we all teach our children that in our country we elect leaders we believe will make the best decisions possible for our community. Certainly, they are charged to examine pertinent issues by way of the paradigm they claim to represent. However, their conclusion should consider what is best for the entire populace. Sadly, this no longer seems to be the reality in Chaves County. Last year, our county commissioners blatantly disregarded official policy and chose to endorse political favoritism over the will of the people. This, despite overwhelming opposition from the public, several government agencies, and even the county’s own road department.

Can anyone of any political persuasion honestly point to those proceedings as an acceptable example of governance? Is that the example you desire our commissioners set for our children? I harbor no contempt for politicians who indulge in rhetorical pandering to special interests during elections. However, once these officials take office, we need to remember that they are called to represent all of their constituents, not just the faction that supports them. I am hard pressed to see how locking off our public lands by way of pillaging our infrastructure system is sincerely doing the best you can for our community.

Commissioners, this year I implore you to re-examine your values, recall your civic responsibilities, and govern as you are called to do. Stand with your constituents and sever the roots of aristocracy that threaten to strangle our county. I am asking commissioners Duffey, Ezzell, Bilberry, Corn and Cavin to vote with the people of Chaves county and keep Picacho Road and County Road 42 open for all. Have no doubt that further disregard of public sentiment will one day lead to a reckoning. Public land advocates throughout Chaves County are standing in solidarity against any entity that seeks to privatize our land, our wildlife or our children’s heritage. Gentlemen, please, this time, make the right call.

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Logan McGarrah

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