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On mass murders and the legal system 


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How is it that the homicidal Florida school shooter managed to avoid the death penalty by admitting that he murdered 17 people? What kind of bogus legal bargaining chip is that?

The killer’s public defender stated his client would be “willing to plead guilty in order to avoid the death penalty.” Gosh, I am sure all the family members of the victims are ecstatic over the accommodating nature of such a thoughtful murderer.

The killer had previously posted on social media his fantasy of being a school shooter and there are a “few witnesses,” so there is no doubt he did it. I emphatically propose the relaxation of due process in this case and a quick trial with the death penalty as an option. Our legal system began its devolution with the introduction of the NGRI (Not Guilty Reason Insanity) defense, and the kind of nonsense that we see today is probably related to the mere existence of NGRI as a legal precept.

I know there are many who believe there is room for compassion toward the killer, owing to his upbringing, etc. However, there are tens of thousands of kids raised in broken families who did not choose mass murder as a way to express the misery they feel. How about we applaud them for still doing their best to achieve and rise out of their difficulties, rather than heap attention on psychopaths?

Anderson Cooper started the initiative to not name killers in his reportage. I made it through this brief missive, following his lead, hoping the commercialization and hype that gets generated from abject tragedy will be eliminated.

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Respectfully submitted,

Steven Young