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Roswell coach Moses ‘Dude’ Burrola on being a first-year coach

Roswell High head basketball coach Moses “Dude” Burrola watches from near the bench as the Coyotes take on Grants in a summer game at the Coyote Den. (File Photo)

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In a way, it has been the best of times for Roswell first-year coach Moses “Dude” Burrola. Suddenly, his team’s season ended with a loss to No. 3 seed Belen, 60-53. In the bowels of The Pit in an interview room, coach Burrola stood as his players sat with puffy red eyes as the finality to the ending of their season came crashing down, and reality sat in his four seniors: Victor Bolanos, Isaiah Carmona, Patrick Brown and Logan Eaker. On Thursday, there is no game to play and the next day, there is no practice tomorrow.

There were the joys of his being promoted to head coach after serving faithfully for 17 years to Hall of Fame coach, Britt Cooper. He also has the privilege of coaching his two sons, Tarren and Taymon Burrola.

On the downside of the season, coach Burrola learned patience and how to deal with a young team. He learned how to deal with fans’ expectations and that no matter what he did, it wasn’t good enough. He also had to deal with remarks about nepotism toward his sons (Tarren, Taymon). Lastly, no matter what his team did this year, they were supposed to, or he bungled it.

At the podium, a dejected coach Burrola showed a little about his feelings for his team and emotions. He gives thought to his first-year as head coach.

“We’re a different team than last year,” Burrola said. “We had a guy who could carry us and do what we needed to. I think it was a great first year. Most teams are happy to be over .500. We’re unhappy if we don’t win it all. That’s what our expectations are and that’s not going to change. I think we had a heck of a year regardless. We’re blessed to have all these young guys play with us. We just have to work harder. That’s the biggest learning experience from this as a first-year coach and for young players. It’s going to be harder because we have to move up to the next class next year. I like our chances. We’re young, and we proved today our young guys can play.”

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Coach Burrola had this to say about his four seniors.

Victor Bolanos:  “We brought Victor (Bolanos) on late, him being a football kid.”

Patrick Brown:  “He’s just an emotional leader; he cheers whether he plays a little or a lot.”

Isaiah Carmona: “He’s come a long way. He’s just a heck of a kid. He works his butt off every day. He’s fun to be around.”

Logan Eaker: “He’s going to play at the next level, regardless. He has a good work ethic; he’s come a long way from when he came from Dexter. I hope that four years at Roswell High has helped him.”

“The one thing that I talked to them about,” coach Burrola said, “I hope that no matter what they have learned here, I hope they have learned to be good young men.”

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