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Candidates reflect on Election Day

Alice Eppers, campaign treasurer, represented Dennis Kintigh when the results were shown at City Hall on Tuesday night. Re-elected City Councilor Caleb Grant was occupied with keeping others updated on the status of the election. (Alison Penn Photo)

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After an intensive campaign season, seven of the candidates from the 2018 Municipal Election shared their responses to the election results with the Daily Record on Wednesday.

For the mayoral candidates, Dennis Kintigh and Sergio Gonzalez shared their views on the election.

“I was hoping to do a little bit better than what I did,” Gonzalez said. “The numbers were really low. All of the other candidates before me, they’ve had the privilege to serve already.”

Gonzalez also said he is happy that Kintigh won to finish the projects he started in office. Of his other opponents, Gonzalez said Mackey and Jurney did well in this election, which means they have an open door to run again. Gonzalez said he wishes the newly elected officials the best of luck and will give running for public office a rest to focus on finishing school.

In this second term, Kintigh said it is key to complete the projects started in his tenure and looks forward to the pavement assessment for the city’s roads. Kintigh said he was Crash City CrossFit, while the results were shown at City Hall with his treasurer, Alice Eppers, present as his representative.

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“I appreciate getting a second term,” Kintigh said. “That’s something that has not happened in quite a while. Matter of fact, this is only the second time in 26 years that a mayor has been re-elected. It is quite an honor and I appreciate that. I’m also glad this campaign is over because I am tired and can use the rest.”

Of the 12 City Council candidates, Alfredo Dominguez, Caleb Grant, Judy Stubbs, George Peterson and Angela Moore shared their experiences.

Ward 1 candidate Alfredo Dominguez said this was his third run for public office. He said was happy to receive funds from the Local 51 Utility Workers Union of America, which he helped found when he worked for the city. Dominguez also said he has a sincere appreciation for people and city workers who supported and voted for him in the election. Of his opponent, Dominguez said he was grateful that Jacob Roebuck ran a clean race.

“It affects me now to be moving on to other stuff,” Dominguez said. “I am going to be a delegate to go to Albuquerque for the general election coming up, so it is another phase that came and went. I lost and it is behind me now. I don’t know how else to put it.”

Serving Ward 2 for a second term, Grant thanked his constituents for the confidence in him and support.

“I always wish there was a higher voter turnout,” Grant said. “We are going to have four new councilors on the council now, so hopefully they can help pick up and start tackling some tasks.”

Beginning her fifth term serving Roswell, Judy Stubbs said Election Day is always exciting, whether she is running or not, and seeing the results was fun.

“Of course, I am elated to be back on the council and I appreciate the confidence that people have in me,” Stubbs said. “I am just excited to do the job again. I know things have changed, so I do have a learning curve, too. I am anxious to get in there and learn what is going on in the city.”

After watching the results live on Facebook at home, George Peterson said he felt pretty good about the results and said a candidate can never know for sure if he or she is going to win. Peterson said he went door to door in Ward 4 because he was running for his constituents and their issues, which also allowed him to see that conditions of the city streets were worse than he realized.

“There are 10 city councilors,” Peterson said. “We have to work together to get things done or we can sit up there and fight. I don’t mind working with people. We are all going to have a difference of opinion. That’s for sure. To get things done, we’ve got to get together.”

As the second African-American woman elected to the City Council, Angela Moore said she has big shoes to fill and that people expect more from her. Moore attended her friend Natasha Mackey’s party at the Palace Spa on Tuesday night.

After thanking her constituents and saying she is ready for the challenge, Moore said she was pleasantly surprised at the results after a nervewracking process of waiting. Moore said campaigning had been discouraging initially, confirmed that a dog had been set on her during her door-to-door walks, and said seeing the results after putting in the time was a good feeling.

“I still want to work for the council to be more unified and for us to not be cussing and fighting,” Moore said. “We need to work together to get things done. We are separate districts, but we are the same city.”

More candidate responses will be covered in Friday’s edition.

City reporter Alison Penn can be reached at 575-622-7710, ext. 205, or at reporter04@rdrnews.com.

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