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Columnist should provide proof


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I am writing in response to Merilee Dannemann’s article on Thursday, Feb. 8, titled, “School buses don’t have to be toxic.”

Merilee indicated that school children and bus drivers will get sick riding in a school bus because they have diesel engines and are exposed to the exhaust fumes from them. Nothing could be further from the truth and I would like to see her documentation on how many children and bus drivers have gotten sick from riding on a bus with a diesel engine.

I have been driving school buses for many years and have not seen anyone, child or driver, get sick from exhaust fumes riding on a school bus. They are no more exposed to the exhaust fumes from the bus than from a car or pickup truck or any other vehicle with a diesel engine they might ride in on a daily basis.

She makes the point that school buses waiting at a school down the street were idling. One of the regulations placed on school buses is that buses lined up at a school waiting for students are required to be shut off if not idling. It makes me wonder how she knew buses were idling being down the street from the school where she lives.

To read Merilee’s article, a parent of a school-child could be concerned enough to stop one’s child from riding on the school bus and there is nothing to be concerned about.

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Jim Richards
Roswell school-bus driver

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