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Honest citizen returns ATM card


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On Feb. 26, I was at an ATM machine at about 6:30 p.m. and after I took care of my business, I inadvertently drove off and left my ATM in the machine. I noticed a red pickup behind me at the time.

I drove home about 2 miles from the ATM machine and I realized I may not have retrieved my ATM card. I checked and that was the case. I exited my vehicle to let my wife know what I had done and was going to return to the ATM, as useless as it might have been.

As I was exiting my vehicle, I noticed a red pickup parked in the street in front of my home and a man about 30-35 years of age exiting the pickup. As he approached me, he held out his hand and told me he thought I had left the card in the ATM machine.

He said he had followed me home and was not certain he could keep me in sight, but evidently, he did. He handed me my card, I thanked him and he left.

There are so many people who would have done nothing or taken the card and try to use it or simply thrown it away. I would like to commend him for his honesty and his pleasant demeanor. It is good to discover there are very honest people around. It was a good feeling. It could have been a truly unfortunate experience for me, but due to his kindness, it was exactly opposite for the potentially negative experience.

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I did thank him but I neglected to get his name. I would like to take this opportunity to publicly express my heartfelt appreciation and hopefully renew people’s faith in our community.


Larry Loy

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