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RPOA president owes citizens an apology


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I strongly believe that Donald O’Connor, president of Roswell Police Officer Association, has done a tremendous disservice to the city of Roswell and its citizens. Does anyone reading this letter doubt that what Roswell desperately needs are more well-paying jobs and lots of them?

Detective O’Conner, would you agree or disagree that this supposition just might have merit? Do you really believe that the unfavorable detailed report on a Tuesday CNN national news regarding your sign was great publicity for possible future economic development here in Roswell?

I can only assume that you never thought about the economic development aspect of your action. As for your denial that erecting the sign on your property just prior to city elections wasn’t meant to stir up political controversy, then you must have been shocked that two candidates for city offices exploited your very obvious “political naïveté” on their campaign Facebook pages.

By the way, to put the main switchboard number for City Hall on your billboard reminds me a junior high trick.

The RDR has a limit on the length of a letter to the editor, thus I won’t belabor the point that I think you owe the citizens of Roswell an apology. As for the other working members of the RPOA, who I have a great deal of respect and admiration for; I hope some of you will agree with the point that I’m trying to make.

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Larry Connolly

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